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Diva Pole Academy

Playful, Respectful, Trustworthy, Honest, Inclusive, Celebratory, Kind, Fearless, Strong, Graceful, Talented, Brave & Humble – that’s what makes us DIVA; that’s who we are and we aspire to share our DIVA values with you through our common love for all things pole and dance.

DIVA is the coming together of a new generation of pole dancers aspiring to promote a healthy pole community so the pole industry will thrive, grow and flourish. We work to support and empower the pole & aerial dance community by fostering a safe, creative space for pole dancers, artists and fitness enthusiast, both newbies and advanced, to explore, train, improve your craft, love for pole, exotic, dance and or movement.

Leave-your-drama-at-the-door for that hour or 3 (for you hardcore dance addicts), just come, dance and allow us to feed your pole dance addiction. This is a studio where we celebrate successes and failures together, mess up, learn and relearn, its a positive space for you to grow and have fun, loads of fun together!

OUE Downtown Gallery #B1-01

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