Nuggets of offerings around the precinct

Nuggets of offerings around the precinct

From its early days as a fishing village to its magnetic appeal as a centre of business and beyond, one thing stays the same – its depth of diversity across cultures, traditions and generations. This is where towering landmarks dominate the skyline today. Yet, they only serve as a face of exciting things brewing on the street level. The precinct is a time-tested collage of the old and new.

Of sights and style.

Of the well-preserved and the boldly reinvented.

There’s always something new to discover in this neighbourhood.


Revisit the old rickshaw centre. You literally can’t miss the majestic Jinrikisha
Station even today – and for good reasons. This masterpiece harks back to the days when rickshaws piled the streets right until the nation-wide ban in 1947. It was then gazetted in 1987 as part of the
Tanjong Pagar conservation area and is now owned by Hong Kong action movie star, Jackie Chan!

TEA CHAPTER @ 9 Neil Road
A step into the three-storey shophouse invites you into a cosy haven quite unlike any other. Its oriental charm borrows from elegant Eastern furnishings and the subtle smell of tea, gently brewing way. It is a place for all to experience the finest handpicked teas, whether you are a tea aficionado, looking to reconnect with your Chinese roots or seeking a relaxation retreat in our tranquil sanctum.

Yan Kit Playfield was once Singapore’s second oldest swimming complex before it was given a new lease of life in 2019. Plan a full day of activities at this versatile intra-town recreation space, complete with an open field, fitness zones, a playground and a basketball court. Check out Sporting Friday happening every week here.

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