Guoco Tower – The latest Dining Guide

Your Guide to dining options at Guoco Tower

Guoco Tower’s six levels of retail space bring together a well-curated mix of unique F&B and retail options, including revolutionary dining concepts, conveniences, and premium wellness and lifestyle offerings.

From favourite local delights to a feast of international flavours and fine delicacies, discover a mouthwatering variety of cuisines to satisfy any palate, amid ambiences ideal for business lunches, intimate dinners and memorable celebrations.

Mr Coconut, B2-01
Founded in 2016, Mr. Coconut is a Singapore-based brand which is popular for its coconut beverages. They strive to provide nutritional and natural goodness in their coconut products. All of their coconut menus are made with 100% Fresh Coconut Juice which provides coconut lovers with a cool and refreshing feeling. It is the best drink option in this scorching hot weather in Singapore. Let’s drink fresh!
DoSiRak, B2-19
“Let’s Bibim! Dosirakoffers fast-healthy delicious Korean food, homemade kimchi and modern sauces. Bibimbaps are served in fun tubs, perfect for shaking and mixing fresh ingredients and flavours. Pick a signature bowl or build your own. Sauce, Shake & Let’s Bibim!”
L'Arte Pizza & Focaccia, 01-14
Savour the gourmet hand-kneaded pizza Romana by one of the best Pizzaiolo in the world, each promising indulgent bites of authentically Italian flavours.

Take a bite out of these light, crispy and airy rectangular slices, and be satiated with each mouthful by its generous topping of the freshest, artisanal ingredients.

Little FIsher, B2-30

With 33 years of foundation in authentic grilled fish technology, the Little Fisher Personal Grilled Fish has been developed and innovated by a team of Sichuanese master chefs. It took two years to research and develop a recipe well blending the classics of Sichuan cuisine’s hot and spicy flavours, while retaining the traditional grilled fish’s crisp and tenderness. In combining traditional cuisine with current consumer demand, a fast-food concept subverting the traditional grilled fish industry was created.

Kuriya Japanese Market, B2-21

Your one-stop shop for quick, satisfying Japanese meal options and fresh ingredients. At Kuriya Japanese Market, you can always find the freshest sushi and seafood items carefully selected and air-flown directly from Japan three times weekly.
Positioned as a casual market place offering quality Japanese products, Kuriya Japanese Market offers Japanese sauces, sake, snacks and frozen food items alongside other imported Japanese seasonings, condiments and frozen food items.
Check out the store for the latest seasonal buys or platters of assorted sushi and sashimi available on the go.

Flash Coffee, B2-K1

Flash Coffee is one of Asia’s fastest growing tech-enabled coffee chains. We aim to democratize high-quality coffee and serve up an award-winning coffee menu at affordable prices. Customers can use the Flash Coffee app to order and pay online to pick up their order at one of our iconic yellow storefronts.Read More

Bugis Xin Yuan Ji Fish Soup, B2-27

Bugis Xin Yuan Ji Fish Soup has established itself as Singapore’s favourite fish soup right in the heart of Bugis.

Wok Hey, B2-21
If you like a good dish that brings out the heat and aroma of the wok, head down to Wok Hey and experience the true stir fry with our signature Fried Rice, Ramen and Udon with your selection of toppings like Tobiko and Sous Vide Egg.

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