DTP X Ju Hua Tai

Ju Hua Tai @ 9 Duxton Hill

Traditional meets modern at Ju Hua Tai (菊花台), a one of a kind Chinese-inspired cocktail and craft beer bar. Our thematic spatial design and specially curated menu promise to immerse our guests in the most iconic elements of Chinese culture.

Building resonance through a sense of familiarity, the name 菊花台 is derived from Jay Chou’s song to evoke memories and a sense of belonging that draws like-minded individuals to the bar.

Emulating the vibrancy and culture of hutongs (胡同) in China, Ju Hua Tai is a place where friends gather and strangers meet. Bringing a novel concept to the Singapore bar scene, it seeks to
inspire fresh ideas, forge new friendships and realize tomorrow’s aspirations.

A modern speakeasy influenced by traditional Chinese design elements, Ju Hua Tai is a place where dreams are realised. Warm lighting with neon accent lights provide a visual stimuli that sets
the stage for flowing conversations and new inspiration.

9 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089593
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