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Beng Who cooks @ 39 Neil Road

Beng Who Cooks was founded in 2018, as a humble hawker stall in Hong lim food centre.

Dishing out DIY Rice Bowls for the surrounding offices and residences. In November 2020, Beng who cooks took their first big step by moving out of the hawker and started a restaurant along the street of Neil Road (39 Neil road).

With less than a year as a restaurant we were honoured awarded “the most inspirational F&B brand (single outlet)” by the Restaurant Association Singapore (RAS).

We’re a Local/Creative Cuisine restaurant, dishing out dishes like Bui Bui Belly (Braised pork belly), Twist of the Sotong (Squid with Gado-Gado inspired sauce), totally different from what we used to do back in the hawker. We change our menu every 3 months but some of our popular items like our Sea-Salt Broccoli, Bui Bui Belly will always be in the menu. We also serve craft beers & natural wines.

39 Neil Road

Hours: Mon-Sat 12pm-3pm, 5pm – 10pm 

Closed on Sunday

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