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Body Fit Training

Body Fit Training is the fastest growing and most advanced group training methodology out of Australia & has proven to be extremely popular due to its high focus on progressive based strength and conditioning training.

Our points of difference include:

One membership – All studio access worldwide

No contracts, no lock in, no risk! 

Advanced heart rate performance tracking where the target heart rate is customised for each individual exercise

Progressive programming over 4-6 weeks, meaning they get harder and harder, to keep up with your increasing fitness levels & develop specific exercise & movement skills.

More variety in equipment than any other group concept out there! Spin bikes, Assault bikes, Ski-ergs, Rowers, Olympic Barbells! You name it, if its functional, we have it and it will be in the training program! BFT is NOT a simple time based circuit. In addition to time based sets, expect to see rep or calorie targets on the screen & workout to AMRAP’s, AFAP’s EMON’s, and YGIG’s.

OUE Downtown Gallery #02-05/06
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