Discover The People of Tanjong Pagar: Ms Patrina

Discover The People of Tanjong Pagar: Ms Patrina Tan
Senior Vice President of OUE Limited

Meet one of our fun loving Discover Tanjong Pagar Director, Ms Patrina Tan, SVP of OUE Limited. She is an avid cyclist who either cycles or runs every morning, starting her day at 4am. She started this sport since November 2017 and clocked her first 160KM for a charity ride in Ohio on her 8th month into the sport.

Cycling has since been her passion & part of her daily fitness regime.

Here’s the highlights of our conversations:

What does cycling mean to you?

For me, cycling is not just a sport for fitness – it is also a form of training for the mind.  Endurance.  It is applied not just for sports but in many aspects of our lives. Our mental state in being able to endure and embrace the downs in our lives, especially in times like these.  Cycling is an endurance sports if you want to achieve long distances and big climbs.


Your best result is 160 KM, 6.5 hours. What would be your next challenge?

I am looking forward to traveling to Taiwan again for more mountain climbs – my next goal will be The Buddah’s Hand at Yangmingshan National Park.

You have shared with me your many cycling experiences overseas, which is your most memorable trip?

My most memorable trip would be Taiwan, successfully making it up to the top of Wuling – entering from the West, total of 54km with 3,275m of climb.   The average grade is 6.5%.  25% (10 km) is at grade 0-5%, 62% (24.8 km) 5-10%, and 9% (3.6 km) at 10-15% grade.  The steepest 500 meters is 12.1% and steepest continuous 5 km 8.9%.  RELENTLESS CLIMBING, always.


Share with us your favourite cycling apparel.

One of my favourite cycling apparel brand is ATTAQUER from Austraila.  I like it because it is a modern bike clothing brand: fashionable, fun, and a lot of technical research put into producing each piece.

What’s your favourite: dine/shop/play/stay activities in Tanjong Pagar?

I’ve always felt that Tanjong Pagar has a special charm – there are kickass gyms like STILL Boxing and Absolute Cycle, gourmet dining places like VENUE by Sebastian and Takayama, luxury and boutique hotel stays at Oakwood Premier AMTD Singapore, Sofitel Singapore City Centre, Duxton Reserve, and the heritage trail takes us to experience the rich history and architectural gems in the vicinity.

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