Cantonment Primary School adopted DTP’s Bean to Green initiative

Cantonment Primary School adopted DTP's Bean to Green initiative
The use of recycled coffee grounds from the precinct's coffee merchants as compost to fertilise trees planted in Tanjong Pagar

Cantonment Primary School (CPS) adopted Discover Tanjong Pagar’s Bean to Green initiative as part of their donation drive, Terra Village held on 5 August 2022, to raise funds to grow more trees in Tanjong Pagar.

DTP connected CPS to collect the used coffee grounds from 6oz espresso bar at Downtown Gallery one month prior to Terra Village for their students to recycle the used coffee grounds.

The students setup booth to sell recycled  at $2 per pack, there was also display of  recipe recommendation on how to use it as a fertilisers to promote plant growth. The packs were quick sold out & had contributed to the total proceeds to NParks’ Garden City Fund that enable the school to plant 8 trees in the precinct.

The school contributed to making the precinct greener through the effort of putting the used coffee ground back into the loop.


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