Pilot Business Improvement District (BID) Programme (draft)

Pilot Business Improvement District (BID) Programme
Discover Tanjong Pagar is a private-sector led partnership formed by property owners in the precinct to carry out the placemaking of the precinct.

Business Improvement District (BID) is a business-led and funded body formed to improve a defined area. It is a formal place management model commonly adopted overseas. The pilot BID programme will enable the Government to assess the feasibility of the BID model and the possibility of enacting legislation in the future to formally empower the private sector to take ownership of their precincts

Discover Tanjong Pagar set up in Sep 2019 under

Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Pilot Business Improvement District (BID) programme, the property owners aim to build a strong community, connecting people and businesses and create a place where people want to be.

Placemaking is about community empowerment & transforming public spaces into vibrant community spaces.

What’s behind the heritage, the culture and the future of our urban neighbourhood? It’s the community; the people who create memories, in the spaces that inspire.

  • Want to learn more about Placemaking stories and lessons in Singapore from communities and designers?

Click here to download URA’s Placemaking Book (PDF, 12.9MB)

Discover Tanjong Pagar collective continuous placemaking efforts

Tanjong Pagar Gives Back

As part of annual Tanjong Pagar Gives Back movement, over $24,000 including a $15,000 pledge by its members, was raised via campaign from Oct to Nov 2021. The fund raised was used to purchase grocery vouchers, which was distributed in Dec 2021 to over 750 elderly residents to provide further savings and relief to their household expenses.

Discovery Day Out Walking Trail

Discovery Day Out launched in April 2021, a walking trail to explore interesting nuggets of stories around the precinct.

Year 3

Supports One Million Trees Movement

First16 trees planted by stakeholders at DTP Community Green, the space was adopted by DTP so that o that its members can continue to beautify the community green as well as create opportunities to build and give back to the community that the members have come to know and care for.

Nationwide Anthem Moment


In support of the Nationwide Anthem Moment, community members came together this morning in a collective moment of unity to sing the National Anthem.

Year 2

Launch of Discover Tanjong Pagar x Mid Autumn Festival

Eight property and business owners at Tanjong Pagar are collaborating to form Discover Tanjong Pagar. The precinct was the first out of nine precincts to take-off the Business Improvement District (BID) programme announced by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA).

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